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Final report

Uploaded: 2nd October 2020 | Topic: PPI in lab based research

Resource was added by: Bec Hanley

Final report on a project looking at PPI in lab based research, led by Alzheimer's Society, Parkinson's UK and the NIHR Biomedical Research Centre at UCLH. This report led to the development of a website offering guidance about PPI in lab based research - link is on this page.

Form and guidance for researchers who want help to find PPI contributors

Uploaded: 2nd December 2019 | Topic: Working with researchers on PPI

Resource was added by: Bec Hanley

Members of the Charities Research Involvement Group are often approached by researchers who want to find PPI contributors to actively involve in their work. Many of us ask researchers to complete an application form to help us to decide whether to share this request with our networks, and if so what information to share.
We've produced this guidance to help all members to produce or improve such a form.