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We aim to encourage shared learning about service user and carer involvement between voluntary sector organisations working in the UK. Our main Shared Learning Group looks at involvement across all areas. We also have a Charities Research Involvement Group.

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Latest Meeting Summaries

Shared Learning Group on Involvement

Meeting Held 4 June, 2020

Our main topic for discussion was: How to make complex information accessible

We heard how National Deaf Children’s Society had worked with Roma families and the need to make information accessible, from Hft about communicating with people with low literacy or with a learning disability, and from Safe Passage about communicating with young people from refugee backgrounds with English as a second language.

We decided to continue our two-weekly peer support meetings, and we’ve set up a new group for people working at a ‘heads of’ level, with the aim of creating a space for shared learning and peer support in relation to leadership in involvement.

Lots of really interesting questions raised in the ‘ask a question’ agenda item, including whether anyone had any experience of setting up a quality improvement group where there is genuine partnership between staff and service users/carers; and whether anyone had any knowledge of involvement kitemarks or quality marks.

Charities Research Involvement Group

Meeting Held 30 June, 2020

Our main discussion topic was: Involving people now and post-pandemic.

We began a discussion about how PPI in research adds value for charities and will be sharing a report on this in September.

Avril Kennan introduced her new training toolkit for research charities.

We welcomed Jeremy Taylor, the new NIHR Director for Public Voice. He leads the NIHR Centre for Engagement and Dissemination.

We thanked our members who volunteered for the Charities Research Involvement Group whilst on furlough: Annie Amjad, Heather Cooper, Jess Hall, Cat Harvey, Laura Lucas, Laura Piercy and Jenny Robertson. Some great work done….

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