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We aim to encourage shared learning about service user and carer involvement between voluntary sector organisations working in the UK. Our main Shared Learning Group looks at involvement across all areas. We also have a Charities Research Involvement Group.

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Latest Meeting Summaries

Shared Learning Group on Involvement

Meeting Held 5 August, 2020

Our main focus for discussion was how we can support involvement within the context of the pandemic – we looked at what’s changed and how we are planning involvement activities in the future. Phoebe Green gave an excellent talk about involvement at Pause, and how they are trying to adapt involvement in the new environment.

In response to the discussions we had after Phoebe’s talk, we’ll be setting up a working group to think about how we can involve people who currently find it hard to be involved digitally. We’ll also re-establish our working group to look at how we can influence senior leaders about the value of involvement.

Members had lots of questions for each other – including about involving young people as trustees; useful ways to involve people that aren’t online or by phone; where involvement sits in our organisations and whether that feels like the right place, and how to keep encouraging staff to involve people.

Charities Research Involvement Group

Meeting Held 14 September, 2020

Lots of really useful information and experience shared at this meeting.

We previewed our report about how PPI in research adds value for charities. (Scroll down to the news section for a link to this report.

We heard about some of the amazing work done by Egality Health. This includes some focus groups they have been running with underrepresented community organisations.

We had a presentation on PPI in the re-starting of clinical research. And we talked about a Wellcome Trust project to develop PPI support for Wellcome researchers

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