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We aim to enable shared learning about the involvement of people with lived experience between charities working in the UK. Our main Shared Learning Group looks at involvement across all areas. We also have a Charities Research Involvement Group.

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Latest Meeting Summaries

Shared Learning Group on Involvement

Meeting Held 5 June, 2024

Our main topic for discussion was ‘breadth or depth’ – whether we aim to involve a lot of people with lived experience, but accept that because of the time this takes, the involvement may be at a consultation level, or we involve a few people at a more collaborative level.

Thanks to Anna Moore for sharing her experience of leading an evaluation and feedback session at Bliss.

We heard about the results of our benchmarking exercise – lots of useful info for comparison and learning.

Charities Research Involvement Group

Meeting Held 14 March, 2024

This meeting focused on capturing the impact of involvement in research. Thanks to colleagues from Versus Arthritis, Parkinson’s UK and the McPin Foundation for sharing their experience. We also reviewed the results of our latest benchmarking survey, which showed how more charities are supporting an increasing amount of involvement in research.