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We aim to enable shared learning about the involvement of people with lived experience between charities working in the UK. Our main Shared Learning Group looks at involvement across all areas. We also have a Charities Research Involvement Group.

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Latest Meeting Summaries

Shared Learning Group on Involvement

Meeting Held 16 April, 2024

We were joined by really inspirational young people from Royal Society for Blind Children and Safe Passage, who talked about building their skills to be involved at a strategic level. We also heard from RNIB about using WhatsApp to engage a wider range of people and encourage them to get involved.

Charities Research Involvement Group

Meeting Held 14 March, 2024

This meeting focused on capturing the impact of involvement in research. Thanks to colleagues from Versus Arthritis, Parkinson’s UK and the McPin Foundation for sharing their experience. We also reviewed the results of our latest benchmarking survey, which showed how more charities are supporting an increasing amount of involvement in research.