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Cancer Research UK Insights Panel Transparent Recruitment Process

Resource was added by: Alison Reeve

An example of document drafted by Cancer Research UK's Patient Involvement Team to support the recruitment of new Cancer Insights Panels (patient and carer groups). This outlines our process for recruiting more diverse groups of people.

Engagament method – Talk Shop discussion

Uploaded: 3rd December 2018 | Topic: Methods for involving people

Resource was added by: Natalie Swiderska

This is a video introducing an engagement method which came from a contact at Open UP UK which was set up by someone in the community to help them share learning and discuss issues. It seems to offer a method of coming to a consensus and helping people to see a decision from many different sides.

Action for Blind People – co-production and involvement toolkit

Resource was added by: Bec Hanley

Thanks to Paul Rymer for sharing Action's co-production and involvement toolkit. This is for use by members only.
Whilst this toolkit is updated (Action is now part of RNIB) it is still considered to be useful. Natalie Swiderska is working on an updated version of the toolkit for RNIB and will add this to the website when it is published.