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How does PPI in research add value for charities?

Uploaded: 16th September 2020 | Topic: Examples of impact of PPI in research

Resource was added by: Bec Hanley

We know that involvement in research adds value to research. This report looks at how it adds value for the charities that fund and support research.

Note that this version of the report is for members only. There’s a public version of this report in the news section on our home page. Thanks to Cat Harvey and Laura Piercy for their work on this.

Macmillan Research Impact Framework

Uploaded: 7th August 2018 | Topic: Capturing the impact of involvement in research

Resource was added by: Bec Hanley

The Research Impact Framework (RIF) is a guide for Macmillan Research Grants Scheme applicants, and for researchers who are successful in securing a grant. Its purpose is to help maximise the impact of the research that Macmillan funds through our grants scheme. It is intended to help researchers plan, deliver and demonstrate research impact and to enable Macmillan to facilitate, understand and communicate that impact.

The goal and outcomes have been developed in partnership with people affected by cancer and are described in the Research Impact Framework. They focus on bringing benefit to people affected by cancer through improvements to treatment and care and through empowering individuals.