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Positive risk taking – Steve Morgan and Nick Andrews

Uploaded: 19th February 2018 | Topic: Useful publications

Resource was added by: Natalie Swiderska

Purpose – For health and social care services to become truly person-centred requires a fundamentally positive mindset from professionals and care workers, and a willingness to take some risks. The purpose of this paper is to explore how this will apply to delivering dementia services, where almost all of the initial impressions are of deficits, disability and disadvantage.

Design/methodology/approach – The co-authors combine their knowledge and experience of supporting and developing staff working in dementia services. The concept of positive risk-taking is explored within the legislative framework of the Mental Capacity Act 2005, Safeguarding and the Care Act 2014.

Hear By Right – involving children and young people

Resource was added by: Bec Hanley

Hear by Right helps you follow best practice on the safe, sound and sustainable participation of children and young people in the services and activities they take part in. Developed by the National Youth Agency, it is applicable to any organisation working with young people, helping you provide evidence of the participation that is already happening in your organisation and then how to plan for improvement where there are gaps. It helps children, young people and adults work together to plan for change. It can be effectively used at both strategic and operational levels across partnerships, departments and single organisations.
This was produced in 2008 so is quite old, but the content is still felt to be useful.