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Training and learning for PPI members – what CRIG members are doing

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This grid outlines what CRIG members have on offer in terms of training for Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) representatives/members. The grid does not list training for researchers. It is broken down into different categories and has sections for people who are new to PPI and those who are more experienced. It is a resource for CRIG members who may be looking to develop training for the PPI representatives involved in their work and who want to see if there are any existing resources that can be adapted, or for those looking to provide training and want to see if there is anything that already exists that would be suitable. If you would like to use one of the training resources below, please ensure that you let the relevant contact know before doing so.

For this to be a useful resource, we ask that all CRIG members add training that their organisations have available to this grid.

How does PPI in research add value for charities?

Uploaded: 16th September 2020 | Topic: Capturing the impact of involvement in research

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We know that involvement in research adds value to research. This report looks at how it adds value for the charities that fund and support research.

Note that this version of the report is for members only. There’s a public version of this report in the news section on our home page. Thanks to Cat Harvey and Laura Piercy for their work on this.

Form and guidance for researchers who want help to find PPI contributors

Uploaded: 2nd December 2019 | Topic: About service user involvement in research

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Members of the Charities Research Involvement Group are often approached by researchers who want to find PPI contributors to actively involve in their work. Many of us ask researchers to complete an application form to help us to decide whether to share this request with our networks, and if so what information to share.
We've produced this guidance to help all members to produce or improve such a form.